Final plumbing passed on April 12th, electrical on Friday the 13th and final building passed on April 16th. We had an awesome push the last few weeks with amazing efforts by Michael, Ira, Seth, Mike and Michele, Iza and Mik. We also had another plaster party - big thanks to Felipe, Marco, Roger, Evelyn, Tanya and Todd, Zack and Crystal - we did the upper half of the south wall and part of the east wall. The rented scaffolding works really well. Todd even came back to help some more on electrical so I wouldn’t have to pull an all-nighter before the final inspection. We were pushing to get all inspections done so we could close on a loan on the property - all was going great (we thought) until the day before we were to sign - People’s Bank re-nigged saying that the acreage, EFU zoning and “unusual construction” all together put the kabosh on the deal. It would have been nice to know that earlier!!! Thanks People’s.
On to nicer things. We have a scratch coat on everything now, inside and out. We’ve experimented successfully with gypsum plaster over the lime scratch  in the utility room and the mudroom. It’s looking great and we’ll keep the brown coat as the finish. The plan is to experiment with lime wash with some ochre pigments mixed in.
Sunday, April 29, 2007