Last week, 2 guys from Alaska Masonry Heat installed our Tulikivi soapstone heater. It’s complete except for the area where the chimney pipe exits the satellite and we still need to punch the chimney pipe through the roof. This will get done next week and, hopefully, for Christmas, we will be enjoying our first fire in the new house.
Roger is helping Jacek do the plumbing. We have a good plan after going through about 3 books and 4 long conversations with the plumbing inspector Ron.
Seth found a plaster guy Brian who’s done about 20 straw bale homes in New Mexico living in the area who will help us plaster. He will help Seth button up the loose ends to prep for plaster and come up with quality sand/clay mixes for our mud - generally, the proportion will run 1 part sand to 4 parts clay. The plan is to be ready for plaster either the last week of December or the 1st week of January - Yea!!
Thursday, December 14, 2006