How would you like to be woken up by your horse asking to be fed - right outside your bedroom window??  That’s what happened when Mariah woke us up Saturday morning to get us up for plastering.
The last two weekends have been spent sifting excavated clay, horse manure, and cooking wheat paste for our exterior plaster. We borrowed our neighbor’s mortar mixer and are mixing a concoction of 24 shovels of dirt, 36 of sand, 4 of pure clay, 1 bucket of chopped straw and 1 bucket of horse manure.
The end result is a beautiful chocolate brown “earthen” plaster when first applied - it should turn a light, reddish brown when it dries. With Brian running the core plaster crew (himself, Michael and Ryan), we’ve also had James, Evelyn, Phil, Marsha, Roger, Tanya, Chris, Michele and the kids help the last couple Saturdays - everybody’s been a tremendous help and the walls show it! Check out the pictures here. You’ll also see the progress inside with the birch walls, tile, and built-in work.
Sunday, March 11, 2007
Plaster/Finish Work Continues