It’s been almost 2 months since my last update. It’s been really busy. I’ve had my hands full with plumbing and electrical and, I’m very happy to say, are complete - plumbing top-out passed on Jan 25 and the electrical rough-in and branch circuits will pass tomorrow (hopefully).
We’ve had insulation installed in the roof - high density R38 and 1 inch of RMax (R6) for a full thermal break at the top of the building. We have the 1x6 pine T&G installed on the 2nd floor ceiling and most of the interior walls have plywood nailed on for sheer. Our deck off the master bedroom is done except for the decking - it’s another work of art by Seth using beautiful madrone logs from the woods.
We’ve started plaster in the kitchen so we can start on the cabinets. Kirby dug us a pond just below the house and we’ve filled it a couple times and also drained it because of a leak - we’ll have to figure out how to line it to prevent this sort of thing - we’d like to catch the runoff for irrigation during the summer.
Things should continue to move very quickly. We’ve ordered the birch for the walls, we have the flooring material for the upstairs and will be working on built-ins starting this week - built-ins include kids’ desks in the bedrooms, shelves, entertainment center, and more bookshelves. We even have very nice clay set aside for plastering - we’ll continue working on the inside and move to the outside after at least the scratch coat is done inside.  It’s super exciting again - lots of progress every day.
Sunday, February 11, 2007