04/29: west side - voila, no tarps !!!
04/12: kids sifting horse dung
04/29: arch to library and kitchen shelves
04/29: upstairs looking about living room
04/29: upstairs bath, window above tub
04/29: bath, window and niche
04/29: deck off master looking towards Pilot Rock
04/29: deck off master looking soth
04/29: deck looking west
04/29: upstairs looking towards master
04/29: kids’ rooms upstairs with “plant” bridge between
04/29: on landing
04/29: dining room with closet and nook
04/29: stairway with manzanita spindles and blued pine plank walls
04/29: cave shower entrance - beautiful work by Ian
04/29: cave shower, slate tile and Klamath river rock
04/29: cave shower floor
04/29: bathroom sink/counter almost ready for concrete
04/29: bathroom niche and working lowboy toilet
04/29: living room looking west
04/29: kitchen cabintes
04/29: kitchen island
04/29: smooth gypsum plaster (Structolite) on lime scratch
04/29: front (south side)
04/29: south and west side
04/29: west side
04/29: west side
04/29: north and west side
04/29: north side
04/29: east and north side
04/29: east side
04/29: south side
We are really close to being done. It’s been 11 months!