Pre-plaster Pictures
Interior framing, finish work and plaster pictures:::
11/15: tarp city
11/15: snow in the hills
11/15: snow at base of tarps
11/15: extra bales and bags of loose straw
11/15: framing upstairs
11/15: iza’s loft
11/15: framing & electrical upstairs
11/15: framing upstairs
11/15: some windows before installation
11/18: 10 foot window - heavy!!!
11/18: south side windows, heavy french door!!!
11/18: east side windows
11/18: nice sedona casement
11/18: visitor came in but couldn’t get out
11/18: windows from the inside
11/18: 2 exterior doors to be installed 11/20
11/18: windows from the inside
11/18: french door, nice views with blue glow!!
11/18: main electrical panel
11/18: Mis enjoying the dry straw under the tarps
12/06: Tulikivi !
closeup of soapstone
12/31: 2nd firing
01/27: RMax and Pine T&G upstairs
01/27: the bridge between the kids’ rooms
01/27: glass block above the stair landing
01/27: plumbing masterpiece, drains, vents, copper supply
01/27: more plumbing
01/27: demo of birch walls to come
01/30: Kirby helping lift HEAVY madrones
02/03: deck off master
02/11: kitchen, lime plaster
02/11: kitchen
02/11: looking into the cave shower
02./11: looking at pantry, bathroom, mudroom beyond
02/11: looking from library through reading nook to living room
02/11: looking towards master
02/11: hallway with bridge, Mik’s room, log, chimney pipe
02/11: empty pond below the trees from deck...
02/11: madrone corner looking towards old house
02/11: electrical outlet on bale wall
02/11: in master, looking towards closet and bath
02/11: sound insulation in master walls
02/11: open area, Iza’s room
02/11: Iza’s room, stairway with bridge
03/10: Evelyn, Brian, Chris on the south side
03/10: Brian & Chris on the west side
03/10: James admiring Evelyn’s throwing technique
03/10: James troweling Evelyn’s throw
03/10: Evelyn, James, Ryan, Brian
03/10: James
03/10: Evelyn, Iza, Mik on the north side
03/11: On the south side, mud starting to dry
03/11: Good looking, serious boy and plaster
03/11: South side outside living room
03/11: south side looking east
03/11: west side looking north
03/11: west side looking south
03/11: South side looking east
03/11: South side looking west
03/11: the dry plaster is almost rock hard!!
03/11: Mik’s room and parents’ room on the right
03/11: Bridge with nice birch wall
03/11: Towards Mik’s room
03/11: Towards Iza’s and Mik’s rooms
03/11: Parents’ room looking towards the bath
03/11: Pine, fir and cedar drying for flooring
03/11: Iza’s shelves, window seat and desk
03/11: Entertainment center, dining room in the background
03/11: Dining room shelving and buffet
03/11: Pantry between kitchen and dining
03/11: Kitchen plaster, lime scratch coat
03/11: Entrance into the cave shower
03/11: Raja slate in cave shower
03/11: Entrance closet looking into utility room